4/3/2020 – A shout-out to OKVD nurses

As we continue navigating this socially distanced world amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we would just like to ask for a round of applause (and coffee, and maybe beers) for Oklahoma Victory Dolls nurses Full Frontal Nuke, Grudge, Fatal Inferno, Emma C. Hammer, and Wrecked ‘Em!

They are working overtime on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic – caring for the sick is as about as essential as it gets. Mad respect for everything that you all do, today and every day! 

Photo of five members of the league who are nurses

3/12/2020 — News: Roller Derby and COVID-19

WFTDA Releases Guidelines for Leagues Regarding COVID-19

WFTDA, the Women’s Flat-Track Roller Derby Association and governing body for much of roller derby, has released guidelines for leagues to address COVID-19, which you can read here.

OKVD leadership is monitoring the situation closely and intends to follow all local, state, and federal requirements, as well as the WFTDA guidelines outlined above. We do not currently have plans to cancel any remaining events of the 2020 season. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can be reached at contactus[at]okvd.net.

2/22/20 — Spring 2020 Beginner’s Course Starts Tomorrow!

Spring Beginner’s Course

Our spring beginner’s skating course starts tomorrow, and WE WANT YOU!

Twice a year, we hold a 12-week beginner’s course, designed to teach ANYONE the fundamentals of skating. We build onto those fundamentals with basic hits, counterblocks, and other moves needed to safely play derby. Whether you want to play, officiate, or just learn to skate, our course will teach you what you want to know! The course is open to everyone 18 and older.

Those interested in joining should email newrecruits[AT]okvd.net for more information.

See you there!

2/21/20 — Recap: North Texas Represents

Recap: North Texas Represents

OKVD’s B team, Tornado Alley, fell to North Texas Roller Derby’s All-star team, The Fighting Unicorns, on Sunday, Feb. 16th.

These two teams have faced each other at least one per season every season for the last three years, with North Texas continuing their winning streak in 2020.

The Fighting Unicorns held formidable walls, strong offense and jammers of wildly varying styles, keeping Tornado Alley on their toes. NTRD co-captain Trouble was particularly formidable as both blocker and jammer. Tornado Alley jammer T-pain put up most of Tornado Alley’s points, but a lack of lead jammer status meant North Texas retained control of much of the game, coming away with a 232-68 win.

“We have a lot to work on,” says Tornado Alley coach Grant Garen. Tornado Alley is currently training up several skaters with less than a year of experience under their belts.

MVP Blocker: Snack Trap

MVP Jammer: T-pain

2/10/20 — Recap: Assassinated

Recap: All-Stars vs. Assassination City Roller Derby

The Oklahoma Victory Dolls and Assassination City Roller Derby faced off in a closed bout early in the morning on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2020.

The All-Stars debuted some new packs and new strategies at this closed bout against frequent, long-time opponent Assassination City. Having climbed significantly in rankings over the last several months, the two teams were closely matched.

Fast packs and penalties on both sides characterized this bout. Jammers Adrestia and Iron Maiden made their debuts in their first sanctioned bouts. Pivots SharpE and Betch put in work and put up points as jammers after taking star passes. Assassination City took a lead early in the game, but the Victory Dolls rallied in the second half, holding ACRD to several scoreless jams and chipping away at the lead. Ultimately, the effort was not enough to cinch a win, and ACRD took the victory 223-169. OKVD’s next home game will be Sunday, Feb. 16th, at Star Skate Norman, followed by a drag performance from Heels on Wheels.

MVP Blocker: E-Bomb

MVP Jammer: Lexus Chainsaw

OKVD’s next home game will be Sunday, Feb. 16th, at Star Skate Norman, featuring Tornado Alley, OKVD’s B-team, vs. North Texas Roller Derby, followed by a drag performance from Heels on Wheels. Get tickets here!

2/4/2020 – Bebe Gunn’s Testimonial

Becca Damron-Whitehead, aka Bebe Gunn, is a recent graduate of our new recruit program. She recently decided to share her experience – both the sunny and the rough. Read about her experience here.

This has been a tough month… I was excited about getting to practice with the big kids, but I still had to conquer the 27 laps in 5 minutes business (known as the dreaded “27/5” in roller derby). It felt less intimidating to work on them when I was still in the new recruits class. It was just us, all newbs, feeling pretty good about how far we had come in 4 months. Once we started big kid practice, it was different. Everything became challenging again. The seasoned skaters have been incredibly helpful and kind, but we are very clearly newbs again. I don’t know what I’m doing 95% of the time. As SharpE said in the beginning of new recruits, “derby is just controlled falling.” They’re not wrong…

I hit 26 laps on 12/18/19. I never knew you could feel proud and defeated in the same moment… That was my personal best, but still not enough… I would still have to take time out of team practice and try them again. In front of everyone (insert “everything hurts and I’m dying” gif here). As a 35-year-old woman, this was a huge gut punch to my ego.

When I turned 35, I thought I was over two things:

1. Caring what other people thought.
2. My ego.
Turns out, neither are true.

After this practice, we had a two-week break for the holidays, which meant I needed to do some hardcore training on my own to get ready for laps and practice. However, in true old lady fashion, I torqued my hips and back (not doing anything cool, just doing old people stuff like cleaning the garage). This put me out of practice for 2 more weeks while I let the chiro work his magic. Now it’s time to return to practice and I am filled with anxiety. My ego, and fear of how much I have regressed due to this absence, is raging. I don’t feel ready.

I feel embarrassed at the thought of trying again. I feel embarrassed at the thought of not trying again.

I’m conflicted. I’m ambivalent. I even hoped we’d have a snownado so I could avoid it without the guilt. Basically, I’m human-ing real hard right now.

I thought I would share my experience because when I initially said I was trying derby, I was on a derby high. I said I had learned that I’m enough and that failing is necessary. That’s so much easier to tout when you’re feeling successful… So I suppose I am here to publicly eat my words but also to lean into them.

I’m failing and I’m still enough, but damn, it’s hard to admit sometimes.

“Dust your knees off and keep pushing” I said… Here’s to owning my words and trying to live that mantra.


1/31/20 – Let’s Make It Official

Join OKVD’s officiating crew! No experience necessary. We are in need of both skating and non-skating officials (if you want to officiate on skates but are a total noob, don’t worry. We have a beginner’s skating course coming up next month.)

Come to our open house Feb. 19th (head over to the Beginner’s Course for more info) or stop by ANY Wednesday evening at 7 PM at Star Skate Norman to catch a scrimmage and chat with some of our current officials.

1/20/20 – Recap: Derby Does Dallas

Season Opener Recap:

All-Stars vs. Dallas Army of Darkness and Tornado Alley vs. Dallas Battalion of Doom

The Oklahoma Victory Dolls and the Dallas Derby Devils each walked away with a win last night after OKVD’s double-header and season opener at Star Skate Norman on Sunday, Jan. 19th, 2020.

Kat von Doom, Roxy Star, Melarky, Snack Trap, Adrestia, Iron Maiden and Professor Flex all made their All-Star debut in a close, unsanctioned game against the Dallas Army of Darkness.  Despite going into halftime with a 30-point deficit, the All-Stars forced a lead change in the second half, finishing 186-159. Kat von Doom cinched 12 unanswered points in her debut jam, and blockers E-Bomb and SharpE MarkHer executed several vital knockouts to hold back opposing jammers. 

Tornado Alley’s game against the Dallas Battalion of Doom was equally hard-fought, despite falling short 184-231.  Tilly Whomp, Lethal Whippin’, Thrash Panda, and Yo Rocky made their debut, sharing track time equally. The particularly small and quick Dallas jammer #21, Havoc is Here, gave the blockers some trouble, but was answered by Snack Trap’s stellar offense.  Pivot Billie took several star passes, relieving frustrated jammers and preventing points, but the Battalion of Doom ultimately took the win.

“I feel like I’ve been run over by a steam roller,” says dual-rostered blocker X-rae. OKVD’s next home game will be Sunday, Feb. 16th, at Star Skate Norman, followed by a drag performance from Heels on Wheels.

All-Star MVPs: 

Brittani Betch, blocker

Lexus Chainsaw, jammer

Tornado Alley MVPs: 

Snack Trap, blocker

Kat von Doom, jammer

Tryouts, baby!

Tryouts for 2020 are here! We are offering an all-in-one scrimmage tryout for quarter one of 2020.

When: Monday, Jan 06, at 7:00 PM

Where: Star Skate Norman


Be there! (Unless you are new to derby, in which case, stay tuned for news on our Spring 2020 Beginner’s Course, coming to you in February!)

New Year, New Blog

Hi OKVD fans!  It’s 2020 and we are kickin’ the new year off with a brand new blog! 

From here on, you’ll be able to check back here for events, updates, scores, and all things VD.

For now, stay #relentless!

Love, OKVD

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