1/20/20 – Recap: Derby Does Dallas

Season Opener Recap:

All-Stars vs. Dallas Army of Darkness and Tornado Alley vs. Dallas Battalion of Doom

The Oklahoma Victory Dolls and the Dallas Derby Devils each walked away with a win last night after OKVD’s double-header and season opener at Star Skate Norman on Sunday, Jan. 19th, 2020.

Kat von Doom, Roxy Star, Melarky, Snack Trap, Adrestia, Iron Maiden and Professor Flex all made their All-Star debut in a close, unsanctioned game against the Dallas Army of Darkness.  Despite going into halftime with a 30-point deficit, the All-Stars forced a lead change in the second half, finishing 186-159. Kat von Doom cinched 12 unanswered points in her debut jam, and blockers E-Bomb and SharpE MarkHer executed several vital knockouts to hold back opposing jammers. 

Tornado Alley’s game against the Dallas Battalion of Doom was equally hard-fought, despite falling short 184-231.  Tilly Whomp, Lethal Whippin’, Thrash Panda, and Yo Rocky made their debut, sharing track time equally. The particularly small and quick Dallas jammer #21, Havoc is Here, gave the blockers some trouble, but was answered by Snack Trap’s stellar offense.  Pivot Billie took several star passes, relieving frustrated jammers and preventing points, but the Battalion of Doom ultimately took the win.

“I feel like I’ve been run over by a steam roller,” says dual-rostered blocker X-rae. OKVD’s next home game will be Sunday, Feb. 16th, at Star Skate Norman, followed by a drag performance from Heels on Wheels.

All-Star MVPs: 

Brittani Betch, blocker

Lexus Chainsaw, jammer

Tornado Alley MVPs: 

Snack Trap, blocker

Kat von Doom, jammer