10/11/2020 – Let’s Watch: OKVD in Action

Wanna see what derby is REALLY all about? Scroll no more…we’ve compiled some of the best of Oklahoma Victory Dolls! Check out past years of action from the OKVD footage archives. See footage of our All-Stars, as well as our B team, Tornado Alley, at various tournaments and playoffs around the country, all right HERE.

Oklahoma Victory Dolls All-Stars Footage

2019 March Badness

OKVD ASS vs Gem City

OKVD ASS vs. Columbia QuadSquad

OKVD ASS vs. Cincinnati

2018 Clover Cup

OKVD ASS vs. Houston Roller Derby (starts at 4:00)

OKVD ASS vs. Calgary Roller Derby (starts at 2:09)

2017 WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs

OKVD All-Stars vs. E-Ville Roller Derby

OKVD All-Stars vs. Auld Reekie Roller Derby

OKVD All-Stars vs. Ohio Roller Derby

OKVD All-Stars vs. Naptown Roller Derby

Oklahoma Victory Dolls Tornado Alley Footage

2019 Thin Air Throwdown

OKVD Tornado Alley vs. Denver Stand-bys

OKVD Tornado Alley vs. 10th Mountain Rollergirls

2018 March Badness

OKVD Tornado Alley vs. Low Country Highrollers

OKVD Tornado Alley vs. Soda City Jerks

4/3/2020 – A shout-out to OKVD nurses

As we continue navigating this socially distanced world amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we would just like to ask for a round of applause (and coffee, and maybe beers) for Oklahoma Victory Dolls nurses Full Frontal Nuke, Grudge, Fatal Inferno, Emma C. Hammer, and Wrecked ‘Em!

They are working overtime on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic – caring for the sick is as about as essential as it gets. Mad respect for everything that you all do, today and every day! 

Photo of five members of the league who are nurses