Our League

Twister City Roller Derby is made up of five teams: competitive A and B teams, All-Stars and Tornado Alley, and three home teams, Lightning Quads, Battle Squad and Outlaws

Competitive Teams

Our competitive teams give high-level and aspiring skaters a place to hone their skills against teams from around the country. Skating at this level requires a mix of drive, ambition, talent, and a willingness to persevere. 

Our A team, the All-Stars, are the best of the best of what Twister City has to offer.  These skaters bring years of skill, strategy, and sweat to the track. Skaters for the B-team, Tornado Alley, are skaters on the rise, often with their sights set on all-star glory.

Home Teams

Our home teams are a fun, recreational mix of all skaters and all levels. Every skater who safely passes their minimum skills test is drafted to a home team. Our home teams are:

Battle Squad – The name of our original B team!

Lightning Quads – Formerly Lightning Broads, a nod to the B team of Oklahoma City Roller Derby, who merged with us in 2017

Outlaws – OKC’s former banked track team, who merged with us in 2016


Our juniors team, the Dust Devils, is open to all children ages 8-17. These tiny twisters are living the derby dream, learning to safely skate, hit and be hit in a welcoming and safe atmosphere. Our juniors often play exhibition bouts against each other, as well as other local juniors leagues.

Team No-Fun

Team No-Fun, as they have dubbed themselves, is our group of dedicated officials who keep us safe and honest! Our referees and non-skating officials (NSOs) join us for scrimmages and games to hone their craft. Many have traveled across the county  for years to officiate high-level tournaments, whereas others stay close to home, carving their niche within the officiating realm of the roller derby community.